19 May 2016

Men's white coat medical coat rubber sleeves cosplay
Men's white doctor's coat Basic, easy to coordinate doctor's coat.
Great for a wide variety of occasions, including Halloween, parties, events, Christmas, Valentine's Day, theater costume, taking photos, etc.
Sold for cosplay or parties, but it can also be used for practical purposes.
Cuffs are lined with latex to prevent them from getting dirty, and for comfortable wear.
Size XXL - Height: 71"-73" (180-185cm) Chest: 42.5"-44" (108-112cm) Waist: 47"-51" (120-130cm) Size XL - Height: 69"-71" (175-180cm) Chest: 41"-42.5" (104-108cm) Waist: 43"-47" (110-120cm) Size L - Height: 67"-69" (170-175cm) Chest: 39"-41" (100-104cm) Waist: 39"-43" (100-110cm)

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